• Hello. I’m Brandon.

    A freelance graphic designer, web developer and brand consultant located in Denver, CO.

  • I’ll make your brand awesome…

  • Like my beard!

I specialize in developing and strengthening your brand. Wether your an established multi-million dollar company or a budding startup it’s all the same to me! The strength of your brand and your market presence is probably the most important and often overlooked part of a business.

The first thing we think of when we think “brand identity” is a good logo. A good logo can do wonders, but branding identity goes far beyond that, into entire website development, content, email marketing, and even into offline scenarios like your business cards, marketing materials and advertising. A good brand will lead to success not only now but well into the future. If created correctly, a good brand will:

  • Create a memorable business
  • This will make the customer want to come back, creating user loyalty.

  • Create a basis for the business to expand in new ways
  • When launching a new product, a brand can be used to jump-start it successfully.

  • A good brand confirms credibility
  • This is top concern among many potential customers.

  • A properly implemented brand will target the right customers
  • This will help finding the right customers looking for your product.

    I’ve been working in the industry for over 10 years with both agency and freelance experience. I have had the opportunity to work for a multitude of clients both large and small on everything from brand development, mass marketing, national ad campaigns, web design and everything in between.

    As an agency designer I gained valuable knowledge in collaborating with and leading a creative team on a variety of projects from initial ideation to final execution.  As a freelancer I expanded my skillsets further by becoming a more versatile creative professional.  Each new client is a new set of challenges, a new platform to learn and an ever expansive list of needs.  Flexability and a desire to grow has become one of my strongest attributes and one I am glad to put to work for my current and future clients!